• 690-433105F2-B00P00-A400 Parker SSD
  • 690-433105F1-000P00-A000 Parker SSD
  • 590P-53383042-A00-U4A0 Parker
  • 7MF4433-1DA02-2AC6-Z A01+Y02 Siemens
  • 6ES7 131-4BD01-0AA0 Siemens
  • 6ES7 132-4BD01-0AA0 Siemens
  • 907309 00000 Becker
  • LS4840DZ Luh Jiang
  • CP1H-XA40DR-A Omron
  • CP1H-XA40DT-D Omron

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We stock both new & used and specialise in obsolete and hard to find parts.Our huge inventory is constantly increasing.

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Siemens 405-LIC

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