• 6AV6644-0BA01-2AX1 Siemens
  • 6GK7343-1EX21-0XE0 Siemens
  • 6ES7 412-2XJ05-0AB0 Siemens
  • 6ES5948-3UR23 Siemens
  • RS2-FX/FX Hirschmann
  • 2574921 Husky Valve Stem
  • 4748796 Husky Valve Stem
  • 2593882 Husky Valve Stem
  • 2882436 Husky Valve Stem
  • 2765562 Husky Valve Stem

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We stock both new & used and specialise in obsolete and hard to find parts.Our huge inventory is constantly increasing.

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Siemens U-18T
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Siemens U-05T
Siemens 405-LIC

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